Cohesive Data in Waste Management Analytics for the Hotel Industry

As a hotel owner and operator, you consistently work to be a go-to destination for travelers, locals and tourists. While some hotel executives may manage only one hotel operation, most owners and operators oversee hotel chains big and small. Executives have a large order of tasks, employees, guests and more to keep straight-all while keeping the bigger picture in mind to ensure steady revenue and growth. Having a cohesive data system is of utmost importance whether managing hotel chains or singular locations-from a revenue, profits, employee and guest standpoint. One area that often gets overlooked but can greatly impact your bottom line is waste management. When developing a plan for cohesive data across your hotel operations, working with a waste broker to set up a tracking system that delivers consistent reporting should be your first step.

Implement a Tracking System

While your waste needs are unique, they also change at each hotel operation-just like your guests and the time of year. One hotel in your chain may have fewer than 200 guest rooms, while another may have 1,200 guest rooms and the capacity to hold large convention meetings. Auditing the waste and recycling data across your hotel chain or at your single hotel operation is the first step, but the true benefit comes from the continuous monitoring of your output. Closely monitoring your waste management data across each hotel outlet can help you identify your current waste streams, along with how much waste and recycling you’re generating. As a result, you can greatly reduce costs and increase your environmental benefits.

A waste broker can be your true partner in setting up a waste and recycling tracking system that consistently monitors and delivers cohesive data across your hotel operation and chain. For hoteliers who decide to monitor their waste and recycling process, there are business platforms that capture and deliver this data for you in one place. The platforms can capture cost reduction, track it, and generate reports for waste and recycling productivity for your entire hotel chain and each individual outlet. An important consideration when looking for a waste management partner is to remember that most waste management companies offer upfront savings when you begin a program. You should partner, however, with a provider that offers continuous improvement on an ongoing basis and the reporting to support it.

Consistently Monitor Your Metrics and Analytics

The next step to establish cohesive waste management data is partnering with a provider that uses metrics and measurements to evaluate waste and recycling flow overtime. Some waste solutions even include the monitoring of your entire waste system, including temperature, controls and connections, safety features, performance, fullness and more. Waste providers can implement individualized waste and recycling monitoring at each of your hotel locations, reporting into a remote system that allows you to easily review and understand data from your full operation.

When you install a smart compactor, your waste provider can deliver cohesive data from your hotel operation and chain’s waste output and calibrate your equipment and service to your exact needs. Plus, with an increasing number of vendors taking advantage of the Internet of Things, simply renting a smart compactor allows hotel owners and operators to receive cohesive data across the board through a completely integrated product tailored to your program, with remote monitoring included.

Develop Reporting with Cohesive Data 

A platform provided by a trusted waste provider captures the cost reduction, tracks it, then generates cohesive data reports on a regular basis, securing your cost savings over time instead of simply at the beginning of a relationship. And it automates a lot of waste management’s stressors-no more doing things the old-fashioned way when you’re implementing analytics-driven efforts.

By implementing a smart compactor into each of your hotel locations, there will be no question what you’re producing or what you’ll need. A cloud-based platform provides portals for visibility into your cohesive data system: You’ll understand your current waste spend, be able to access historical data on your program and receive a snapshot of all service insights, as well as ongoing statistics, which allow continuous program evaluation and improvement.

Set Financial and Environmental Goals

Before hoteliers can set and achieve new waste management goals across their properties, they need to understand where their waste comes from. Capturing qualitative and quantitative waste data from across your hotel chain or operation enables your team to build a business case for waste reduction, identify new opportunities for recycling and food waste programs, and target organization-wide training programs to maximize diversion.

Once you’ve solidified a partnership with a waste provider and set up smart compactors and remote monitoring across all of your hotel locations, take a look at the cohesive and consistent data provided to you from the remote monitoring system. By tracking and reviewing the data, you’ll be able to set financial and environmental goals while evaluating your program’s performance.

Not only do these efforts allow you to comply with state, local and federal regulations for proper disposal, they can save you considerable time and money as you evaluate what’s working and what isn’t for your property’s personalized needs. While implementing major changes immediately is tempting, having the patience to compile cohesive data will set a strong baseline to measure progress and substantiate where to prioritize.

Adjust Your Waste Management Program as Needed

Implementing a solid partnership with your waste provider will help you keep your hotel business growing and running efficiently. Ensuring cohesive data across your entire chain’s waste and recycling needs will allow you to not only set goals, but make changes to your program as needed.

By taking advantage of the technology-driven waste and recycling systems available today, hoteliers can simplify their daily work on a topic that falls to the bottom of most people’s to-do list, but clearly is very important to your bottom line. And ultimately, you don’t know what you don’t know. By using innovative technology to monitor and adjust your hotel’s waste program, you’ll enable significant financial and environmental benefits. Businesses in the hospitality sector that take a critical eye to their waste management can select services that fit their individual needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all program.

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