Waste Harmonics Unveils New Logo to Unify Technology Solutions

Waste Harmonics

Waste Harmonics, a national technology-enabled managed waste service provider, is excited to unveil its new logo and suite of logos that represent a unified approach to the company’s various technology solutions.

The new company logo (Waste Harmonics) and suite of logos (iWaste by Waste Harmonics, OnePlus by Waste Harmonics and SmartBin by Waste Harmonics) represent a consistent visual identity with a fresh, modern look and feel that is simple, yet purposeful. Each logo is made up of two parts, the icon and the logo type, always used in conjunction with each other.

“Our new logos were an important and natural next step for Waste Harmonics and hold meaning for the integrated way in which the company will work to achieve our mission of providing companies with the waste and recycling management that can only come from industry-leading customer service, innovative technology and a total commitment to transparent and collaborative partnerships,” Founder, President/CEO Michael Hess said. “With the new look, who we are and what we want to achieve as Waste Harmonics is even more exciting.”

Waste Harmonics created the patented technology behind iWaste to meet a major need in the customer experience and then went on to acquire Contelligent (formerly known as OnePlus Systems), the original and longest-running fullness monitoring technology company in the U.S.

“We now have a cohesive family of logos under the Waste Harmonics name that unite purpose and identity,” Director of Marketing Jennifer Robinson said. “Our new look gives our customers, partners and employees a clear and strong understanding of our brand and elevates our commitment to the overall growth and direction of the company.”

Waste Harmonics provides a comprehensive outsourced waste management consolidation service for companies and corporations with 5,000+ locations. As a technology-enabled managed waste service provider, Waste Harmonics works with diverse business clients across the United States and several Canadian provinces to deliver cost savings and complete consolidation of invoicing and communication, as well as proven recycling and sustainability strategies.

The company offers a wide variety of services with all types of equipment, including large and small container services, compactors, balers, construction services and recycling.

About Waste Harmonics

Based in Victor, New York, Waste Harmonics is a unique, technology-enabled managed service provider in the waste industry. The company manages waste contracts and third-party vendors, and ultimately helps customers with what every business generates: waste. Customized, technology-driven program solutions that address waste generator expectations and requirements, dealing with single-source management of service suppliers, quality of service, reduction of costs, data and reporting analytics, consolidated invoicing and landfill diversion. Waste Harmonics works with diverse business clients across North America to deliver cost savings, consolidation of invoicing and communications, and recycling and sustainability strategies.