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Customized Solutions for
Your Sustainability Needs

Waste Harmonics is committed to delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for handling the complexities of your waste and recycling program. Our customized solutions are based on your sustainability needs and future goals.

This on-demand solution allows recycling to take place at locations that wouldn’t normally be able to divert their materials cost-effectively, ideal for office and retail environments.

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How it Works Recycle

How it Works

Box Recycle

Box Ships Direct

The Eco2Go box will be shipped to any address within the continental 48 states

Shipping Recycle

Easy Return Shipping

Each box is pre-addressed with return shipping label of a nearby recycling facility

Reuse Recycle

Recycled for Reuse

When the container is full it is delivered to a recycling facility where the materials are recycled and processed for reuse

Set Free Recycle

Set Fee

Set fee includes the box shipping to the recycling facility, and any processing fees

Recycling Needs

Customized Solutions for
Your Business Recycling Needs

If your business is looking for ways to offer recycling for their employees and to increase your environmental performance, contact us today to order your Eco2Go boxes.

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