Retail Stores

Waste Management Services: Retail Stores

At Waste Harmonics, we provide national retail chains, furniture stores, discount stores and specialty stores with a tailored solution that meets your unique waste management needs and offers things the bargain haulers won’t, like transparent billing, no hidden fees and an ongoing commitment to lowering your costs.

Check Out the Technological Advantages


At Waste Harmonics, we thoroughly assess your waste and recycling needs, then use advanced analytics to create a solution that is more efficient and cost effective than other providers—not just at the start of the contract, but every day for every store, every location.


iWaste™, our integrated waste monitoring system takes analytics and reporting to the next level. Proprietary waste management technology simplifies and consolidates the waste management process, allowing you to monitor and track container fullness and pickups, whether you’re a local, regional or national retail chain. Our technology also provides real-time equipment status, enabling our technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot issues remotely, minimizing downtime and preventing disruptions to your business.

Committed to Sustainability

Waste Harmonics can help you reach your sustainability goals and reduce your costs at the same time. We’ll identify efficiencies and recycling options, and work to save you money. You’ll like what a green future has in store for you.

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