iWaste Intelligent Container Technologies

The simple, secure cloud-based dashboard, providing real-time fullness status, activity data and equipment health.


Our iWaste integrated compactor and baler monitoring service aims to simplify the way your company handles disposal machine monitoring. We’ve created a web-based dashboard, providing a single, secure access point for monitoring your equipment and instrument health, remotely. By applying advanced analytics to instrument and software alarms, Waste Harmonics is better able to predict and troubleshoot repair equipment issues; allowing for a quick response time, fast repairs and most importantly, minimized machine downtime.

iWaste by Waste Harmonics
iWaste also provides real-time fullness status for your container including pick up and return status, pick up history, upcoming scheduled haul, and activity logs. This internet based technology leverages the use of the AT&T machine-to-machine network across the United States and Canada, utilizing proven industrial components for a stable operating environment.

Fullness Monitoring

Utilizing advanced analytics and real-time reporting, iWaste enables our customers to reduce the number of hauls by as much as 30% to 40%. Fullness notification settings can be customized, with email notices sent to the right personnel, and 24/7 equipment monitoring reduces or eliminates costly downtimes and repairs.

Stationary and self-contained

  • Fullness monitoring for haul reduction opportunities
  • Plug-and-play oil level detection
  • System operating pressure and oil temperature monitoring
  • Service tracking
  • Available in Q3 2020


  • Plug-and-play oil level detection
  • System operating pressure and oil temperature monitoring
  • Bale counting
  • Available in Q3 2020

Vertical packer

  • Fullness monitoring for haul reduction opportunities
  • Plug-and-play oil level detection
  • System operating pressure and oil temperature monitoring
  • Pick-up service verification
  • Available in Q3 2020

Small dumpster

  • Fullness monitoring for right-sizing opportunities
  • Pick-up service verification
  • Available in Q4 2020

Smart Equipment Rentals

For years we have been renting compactors and balers to help our customers not only reduce their collection and processing expenses, but also give them greater flexibility in hauler choice and capital dollar savings.

With a rental compactor from Waste Harmonics you get high quality equipment installed the way you need it, when you need, and for as long as you need it. We provide you with a compactor or baler tailored to your requirements, not based on what your hauler might have in stock. We will work with you to design an installation that fits your company’s requirements, savings goals, and without spending valuable capital dollars. Why spend your resources on equipment that doesn’t make you money?

With our rental program you get all of the following included in your low monthly rental fee:

  • A new or fully reconditioned compactor or baler…you decide which
  • Our iWaste remote monitoring system
  • A compactor equipped with chute, hopper, walk-up, walk-on, or drive-on enclosure
  • Freight and installation included
  • Regular preventive maintenance and repairs included
  • A baler spec’d for the material being baled with the bale size you need
  • A fixed rental price as long as the unit is in service
  • 24/7/365 emergency service

All you need to do is make sure we have access to the installation site, electrical power, and a concrete pad.

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Trouble Shooting

While other fullness monitoring systems can give you basic compactor fullness indications, our iWaste monitoring system goes much further. With iWaste we can see the oil temperature, what position the switches are in, if the compactor/container is connected, if there is a hydraulic fluid leak, along with other troubleshooting indicators. With this type of visibility we have helped save our customers thousands of dollars in unnecessary service calls.