iWaste for Dumpsters

iWaste for Dumpsters Features

  • Capital costs, installation, and monthly monitoring included with your contract
  • NO additional out of pocket costs for the customer
  • LIVE, transparent data via a cloud-based reporting platform
  • Dedicated team monitoring and managing your entire waste and recycling program, including but not limited to:
    • Fullness and service verification of your equipment
    • Hauler accountability
    • Audit of invoices
    • Continuous cost-improvement strategies through right-sizing

At no additional cost, the iWaste hardware and technology become a part of your waste removal services, allowing for right-sizing opportunities on the over-expense associated with your waste and recycling program. Learn more in our overview video below.

The Latest in Tech With a Human Touch

iWaste DevicesThese monitoring devices are packed with features. iWaste keeps an eye on your dumpster, you don’t have to. Easily installed and held in place with industrial strength magnets the iWaste unit is always on and always feeding real-time data to both you and the customer service team at Waste Harmonics. A reliable connection is secured through use of the AT&T machine-to-machine network.

Our relationship-focused customer service representatives, with the power of iWaste, can view how full your waste and recycling equipment is and can also verify that the hauler executes the scheduled pick-up and empties the dumpster. Our team manages the entire hauler relationship on behalf of your company. The workday is already full of challenges – we don’t believe waste removal should be one of them.

Discover how partnering with Waste Harmonics can improve your waste and recycling program today.

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