Rental Compactors

Compactor and Baler Equipment Rentals

Rental CompactorWith a rental compactor or baler from Waste Harmonics you get high quality equipment installed the way you need it, when you need, and for as long as you need it, all with our iWaste monitoring system already installed. We provide you with a compactor or baler tailored to your requirements, not based on what your hauler might have in stock. We will work with you to design an installation that fits your company’s requirements, savings goals, and without spending valuable capital dollars. Why spend your resources on equipment that doesn’t make you money? All you need to do is make sure we have access to the installation site, electrical power, and a concrete pad.

With our rental program you get all of the following included in your low monthly rental fee:

  • A new or fully reconditioned compactor or baler…you decide which
  • Our iWaste remote monitoring system
  • A compactor equipped with chute, hopper, walk-up, walk-on, or drive-on enclosure
  • Freight and installation
  • Regular preventive maintenance and repairs
  • A baler spec’d for the material being baled with the bale size you need
  • A fixed rental price as long as the unit is in service
  • 24/7/365 emergency service

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