Simplifying Recycling With The Eco2Go Box

In our series, Breaking it Down, Waste Harmonics experts provide you simple solutions that can help you address the industry specific waste issues your business faces every day. In this article, we will focus on solutions for a small office environment.

At Waste Harmonics, we understand that finding cost-effective environmental solutions for small offices and businesses can be difficult. As industry experts, we are dedicated to finding the right solutions to address your environmental challenges by optimizing resources allocated to your waste activity.

Many businesses look to reduce and minimize the amount of waste going to landfills; however, traditional recycling services are not always a feasible option for smaller locations that are unable to generate a significant amount of recyclable waste. That’s why Waste Harmonics offers Eco2Go, a recyclable container sent directly to your business and shipped to a recycling facility once the box is full.

Eco2Go provides the following solutions for your small business recycling needs:

Pickup Elimination: Eco2Go containers eliminate the need for waste collection trucks to make weekly or bi-weekly pickups. This on-demand service is a cost-effective approach for low-recycling-volume locations.

Diversion: Eco2Go helps capture recyclables that would otherwise end up in the trash, thus improving your business’ sustainability position.

Eco-Friendly Approach: In providing an easily implementable recycling program, Eco2Go allows your business to promote “going green” by offering recycling opportunities to employees.

Expert Guidance: When you use Eco2Go, you also get the added benefits of Waste Harmonics’ industry knowledge, which can help implement the recycling program right for your locations. Our recycling strategy includes:

  • Communication between corporate, property managers, and your locations
  • An evaluation of current recycling goals
  • Behavioral recommendations and implementation plan

A national bank with more than 1,600 locations was looking for an environmentally and financially efficient way to recycle at their smaller facilities. Mark Wiseman, founder of Eco2Go, and current Waste Harmonics VP of Client Solutions, worked with the bank to roll out this creative alternative. The financial institution implemented the Eco2Go boxes at their smaller branch locations. With a timeline of 4 to 12 weeks, the boxes were filled and then shipped to a recycling facility where the contents were sorted for post consumer use. The bank’s Senior Vice President and Director of Environmental Affairs stated, “The cost was significantly less than traditional recycling, allowing us to provide an effective way to recycle while still managing our expenses.”

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