Specialized Waste & Recycling Programs For The Hospitality Industry

In our series, Breaking it Down, Waste Harmonics experts provide you simple solutions that can help you address the industry specific waste issues your business faces every day. In this article, we will focus on solutions for the hospitality industry.

At Waste Harmonics, we strive to bring you a level of service that parallels the kindness you show your guests. As industry experts, we are dedicated to finding the right solutions to address your environmental challenges by optimizing resources allocated to your waste activity.

Over the past few decades, hotels have started initiatives that focus on reducing waste and implementing recycling programs; however, implementing programs like these is a challenging task that takes both time and the right resources. Waste Harmonics sets itself apart from other waste and recycling management companies in how we provide the hotel industry unique, customized and cost-effective solutions that address the operations of running a successful and sustainable waste and recycling program.

Using our industry expertise, we have come up with five solutions to optimize your hotel’s waste program:

Assessment: Waste Harmonics will complete an audit of the trash you’re throwing away and determine what items can be recycled. Our team will provide recommendations for rightsizing — reducing your dumpster size or decreasing the frequency of pickups, thus leading to operational cost savings.


Consolidation: Waste Harmonics has partnered with over 4,500 Independent Haulers and 2,500 Recycling Partners across the United States. Our partnership network reduces the stress of the selection process and will consolidate your services, thus leading to one direct contact and one invoice. Take, for example, a current hotel client who needed a solution to find a recycling service that can remove both their old mattresses as well as their TV’s. They were spending too much time on managing the removal between multiple vendors. Our Director of Sustainability, Natalie Cooke, discovered a solution that not only consolidated their services, but also saved them time and costs for disposal and transportation.


Recycle, Reduce and Reuse: Waste Harmonics will find other opportunities to recycle and divert materials from landfills as well as provide creative ideas to reduce and reuse waste generated by your hotels.


Single-Source Management: Whether your hotel has an upcoming construction & demolition project or needs an extra pick-up, Waste Harmonics will be your single-source contact for all your waste and recycling activity.


Reporting: Waste Harmonics is the industry leader in utilizing analytics and metrics to reduce your costs on a continuous basis. Our customized reporting platforms allows 100% visibility into your current spend and provides real-time data associated with your waste and recycling program. To request a sample of our reporting, please contact sales@wasteharmonics.com


Waste Harmonics is your trusted and reliable partner that will provide the right, cost-effective solutions to help you handle your solid waste and recyclables in order to optimize your hotel’s waste program. If you are interested in more information, please contact us at sales@wasteharmonics.com.