OnePlus Fullness Compactor Monitor


Reports real-time fullness for hydraulic compactors with industry-leading accuracy and reliability. Easy to install, unobstructive and built to last.

Waste Harmonics OnePlus Device

Create real visibility into your operations, protect hydraulic compactors from misuse and develop accurate accounts to eliminate back-office paper shuffling.

Alongside our 24/7 data monitoring platform, our team solves 90% of problems before customers even see them. We’re always at attention, supporting your business when you need it.

Monitoring and analytics offers the control and visibility to realize operational efficiencies, minimize safety incidents and protect against fraudulent use as well as support measuring your progress against sustainability and zero waste goals.

We’re more than a dashboard. Our cloud-based, integrable platform provides practical business intelligence tools that allow real time analysis that can inform decisions from moment to moment.


  • Battery-free
  • Non-volatile memory prevents data loss in case of power failure
  • Resets automatically after power failures
  • Easy-to-read LED display with easy-to-follow prompts
  • Lexan keypad, U.V. stabilized, weatherproof
  • Programmable spare relays

Ready to Get Started?

The workday is already full of challenges – we don’t believe waste removal should be one of them.


Having the capability to monitor all the compactors from one system is great. With four compactors on site, not having to call haulers all the time is a big time saver.