Smartbin Monitor


Gauges and reports fill levels for various closed containers (trash bins, clothing bins, used and fresh oil tanks, grease tanks) using ultrasonic measuring technology and wireless communications.

Waste Harmonics SmartBin Device

Avoid messy, overfilled bins with just-in-time collections, reducing the cost of each pick up while increasing its revenue. Bin to bin, city to city, retain real-time data on each bin for total optimization.

Alongside our 24/7 data monitoring platform, our team solves 90% of problems before customers even see them. We’re always at attention, supporting your business when you need it.

We’re more than a dashboard. Our cloud-based, integrable platform provides practical business intelligence tools that allow real time analysis that can inform decisions from moment to moment.


  • Non-intrusive to container
  • High performance, replaceable battery On-board multi-band communication modem
  • Small screw-in antenna enables easy upgrade in poor signal areas

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The workday is already full of challenges – we don’t believe waste removal should be one of them.


I love that I can be in Chicago and see what is happening at our plants in California and New York all in a matter of minutes.