Severe Weather in the Forecast? Three Important Questions Every Company Should Be Asking.

severe weatherFor many of us, the time to lace up our winter boots is here. As we steer closer into the heart of winter, that means your business needs to get prepared for the severe weather as well.

One area that requires attention is your waste management program. The essential elements of your waste program – containers, compactors, recycling, etc. – live outside and when a heavy snowfall hits or freezing temperatures swoop in, these conditions can put a damper on your typical day-to-day waste removal process.

While the winter months can bring some beautiful sights, the unpredictability of the weather can cause a delay or limit your waste and recycling efforts. But have no fear, there are many things you can do to help your business prepare for the winter months ahead. Here are some key questions to ask yourself about your current waste program.

1. Are you working with a managed waste service provider?

What if you could have a centralized source for all of your waste needs? Well, you can! That means one point of contact and one invoice for all of your waste needs, even if you have multiple locations and vendors.

A managed waste service provider will help take the hassle out of your waste management program, which can be a welcome relief, especially during the times when the weather may cause some hiccups. If there are any unpredictable weather-related issues with your waste program, they can help you resolve your problems in a timely manner to get you back up and running properly.

2. Do you have a severe weather waste plan in place?

It’s important to have a section in your overarching waste plan carved out for weather-related conditions. This will help you establish an action plan of how to move your waste and recycling program forward before, during and after bad weather. Additionally, an open communication line with your employees and customers will help ensure all protocols are being met.

Some of the key things to consider for the plan are:

  • Make sure snow isn’t blocking your equipment. Whether you plow yourself or hire a snow removal service, make sure that the entrance to your equipment is free of snow pileups. This will help keep your waste and recycling hauling schedule on track and avoid having to miss or reschedule any pickups – and incremental charges.
  • Keep an eye on your equipment during cold temperatures. To help minimize the potential effects of your equipment freezing, follow these tips.

And this isn’t something you need to do on your own. A managed waste service provider can help you develop your contingency plan to ensure all bases are covered.

3. What unique requirements do you have?

Having a good handle on any special requirements and communicating those with your internal teams and external partners are essential for success. Maybe your equipment is tucked away in a space that often needs to be cleared more frequently or you need special or extra pickup times during the holidays to handle trash accumulation – regardless of the requirements, it’s important to map them out in the plan so they’re taken care of should any inclement weather arise.

A managed waste service provider can help identify real-time needs and ensure that all garbage and recycling items are taken care of appropriately and in a timely manner, in good weather and bad. Additionally, the severe weather contingency plan that is developed will help prepare for the unknown so when a storm does hit, you’re fully prepared.

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