Tracking and Monitoring Your Waste

Tracking and monitoring your waste is important. However, many companies struggle with not having the right tools or technology to get a grasp of the whole picture. Our responsibility at Waste Harmonics is not only to manage your company’s waste collection and disposal processes but also provide 100% visibility into your waste and recycling program.

We have put together the importance and benefits of tracking and monitoring your waste to help you evaluate your current practices

Why is Tracking Important

  • Identify you current waste streams
  • Maximize Diversion
  • Determining how much waste your generating
  • Capture what waste can be recycled or beneficially reused
  • Evaluate program performance
  • Track & Set Goals
  • Comply with state, local, and federal regulations for proper disposal

What are the Benefits of Monitoring

  • Reduce your Liability
  • Control and Manage your costs
  • Reduce Environmental Impacts
  • Provide alternatives based on your current waste profile to increase diversion
  • Manage proper disposal and logistics

 Waste Harmonics cloud based platform provides all your important data that you rely on in one place. We will identify and evaluate each of the important tracking measures listed above and provide you with customized solutions. We are the industry leader in utilizing analytics and metrics and our industry experts will look for ways to reduce your costs on a continuous basis. At no additional costs, Waste Harmonics provides our customers with generated reports on a regular basis.

Features of Waste Harmonics Reporting 

  • 100% Visibility on your current waste spend
  • Historical data on your program
  • Snap shot of all service insights
  • Statistics
  • Continuous improvement on an on-going basis

Don’t overlook the importance of capturing your metrics. Have you heard the saying “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”?  Contact Waste Harmonics for more information to get started tracking and monitoring YOUR waste.