Waste Harmonics Acquires Contelligent, Expands Global Footprint

ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 21, 2021 Waste Harmonics, a national managed waste service provider, has acquired Contelligent, a global leader in intelligent container monitoring solutions and analytics. Waste Harmonics’ proprietary technology, iWaste, is a secure, cloud-based dashboard that provides real-time fullness status, activity data and equipment health. With the acquisition, Waste Harmonics will expand the breadth of its service offerings, integrating Contelligent’s innovative technology to provide its customers with elite waste management services.

Waste Harmonics and Contelligent share a sense of values and a similar transparent approach to doing business, with a focus on providing superior customer experience. Contelligent, formerly known as One Plus Systems, is the longest running and original fullness monitoring technology company in the United States. The combined synergies of Waste Harmonics’ iWaste and Contelligent’s solutions and analytics platform will form a powerful force in waste management technology, blending the company’s strengths in cloud-based analytics, monitoring and reporting.

Waste Harmonics is positioned to be the largest industry leader in all things related to the internet of trash. With this acquisition, Waste Harmonics is adding over 10,000 devices to its network in the United States and Canada, and now has customers in Israel, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Asia, and Europe. In the next 18 months, tens of thousands of Waste Harmonics’ iWaste and Contelligent’s collective devices will be deployed in various industries internationally.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Contelligent to the Waste Harmonics team,” Waste Harmonics CEO Michael Hess said. “In the spirit of constant evolution and service to our customers, vendors and the industry, this addition positions us to enhance our efforts and expand our footprint globally. The fusion of our capabilities will complement one another and allow us to offer a comprehensive waste management solution to support data-driven business transformation for our customers.”

Waste Harmonics provides a comprehensive outsourced waste management consolidation service for companies and corporations with 5,000+ locations. As a managed waste service provider, Waste Harmonics works with diverse business clients across North America to deliver cost savings, consolidation of invoicing and communications, and recycling and sustainability strategies.

“Waste Harmonics is a progressive industry leader in managed waste services poised for next-level success,” said Kristina Heinze, a partner with ParkerGale, which owned Contelligent. “That, coupled with the company’s commitment and drive to evolve the advanced technology and analytics to serve customers in the managed waste services category around the globe, makes the two companies a great fit.”

About Waste Harmonics

Based in Victor, NY, Waste Harmonics, a portfolio company of Arcapita, is a managed service provider in the waste industry. The company manages waste contracts and third-party vendors, and ultimately helps customers with what every business develops: waste. Customized program solutions address waste generator expectations and requirements, dealing with single-source management of service suppliers, quality of service, reduction of costs, data and reporting analytics, consolidated invoicing, and landfill diversion. For more information, visit www.wasteharmonics.com

About Contelligent

Formerly known as OnePlus Systems, Contelligent is a global leader in intelligent container monitoring and analytics. With 30+ years of experience and 10,000+ installations, Contelligent is trusted internationally by SMBs and Fortune 100 companies to provide IoT monitoring solutions for their closed containers, uncovering invaluable insights and untapped opportunities to help drive revenue and streamline operations. The way the world thinks of containers is changing, and Contelligent is leading the charge.

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