Pallet Management

What We Do

With a pallet management team bringing a combined 25+ years of industry experience; proven optimization programs; strategic sourcing solutions; and 500+ pallet manufacturers, Waste Harmonics is positioned to help you meet and exceed all your company’s revenue generation and cost reduction initiatives.

Warehouse with boxes on Pallets

Working with Waste Harmonics you can expect unmatched pallet management industry expertise.

Engaging Waste Harmonics, a leader in the managed waste industry, means you also receive state-of-the-art reporting and analytics, the option for consolidation of your entire waste and recycling program through our cloud-based portal whether you have 1 or 5000+ locations, and lastly an unmatched customer service experience with a dedicated rapid response, best-in-class customer service team, giving you a single point of contact and one vendor to consolidate all your company’s sustainability efforts.

By way of a pallet recycling program customers are:

  • Offered a way to consolidate sustainability efforts
  • Provided a means for other recyclable materials to be removed via the pallet vendor trailers
  • Able to save storage space/time and provided rebates that would not have been possible if the materials had been sent into the regular waste stream

Comprehensive Pallet Management Program

  • Pallet Design and Analysis
  • Pallet supply
    • New lumber
    • Recycled
    • Combo
    • Heat Treated
  • Pallet recycling
    • Drop trailer
    • Live load

Total Pallet Management (TPM)

  • Dock sweeps
  • On-site/off-site labor solutions
  • Onsite sorting and repair


$25 Million in Rebates

in 2021, Waste Harmonics collected over $25 Million in rebates on behalf of our customers.

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Waste Harmonics makes you feel like you are their only customer. We receive a truly individualized customer experience with them and feel valued as clients.