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Deploying the Pro/Con List for Your Waste Management Needs

Waste Harmonics

When it comes to making strategic business decisions tied to operations such as waste management, it’s important to examine a variety of different factors that will garner a valuable return on your investment. No waste or recycling program is identical, so if you’re asking yourself what the benefits are to partnering with a Managed Waste Service Provider (MWSP) versus a national hauler, using the tried-and-true method of the pro/con list comes in handy when selecting the disposal method that will drive the most efficiency and flexibility while maximizing your investment.

Let’s compare a few critical elements of the business that just might add a few marks to the “pro” column of your checklist.

PRO: Centralized Customer Service

The customer experience is at the heart of Waste Harmonics’ managed service approach to waste and recycling management. Instead of dialing into a call center where you could face long wait times before speaking with a representative who may not be familiar with your business, goals or unique waste needs, an MWSP can provide a more focused, one-to-one approach. With an MWSP like Waste Harmonics, you can expect a dedicated account manager, a 24-hour/7-days-a-week phone service with a toll-free number, and a unique email address specifically for your company and all your locations. By limiting the number of touchpoints, representatives are better equipped to readily investigate and solve any waste-management issues when questions arise.

Quality customer service also goes beyond providing occasional assistance and troubleshooting. With a centralized team for your waste management and recycling needs, dedicated representatives can leverage their understanding of the inner workings of your business to recommend customized service offerings that are personalized to you and your goals, whether those are reducing costs or improving sustainability measures, among others. As a result, you’ll only pay for the services you need and your trusted team can help streamline or readjust your long-term waste management strategy as your business’ waste needs change and evolve.

PRO: Program Customization and Transparent Pricing

Since no waste or recycling program is identical, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to optimize your waste management processes. An MWSP can provide tailored solutions that fit each customer’s unique needs across all locations while continually monitoring for adjustments and cost savings. Unlike national haulers, who tend to employ a price-per-unit model that can drive up costs with hidden fees, an MWSP focuses on the total cost of services, developing a holistic approach that aligns with your needs each step of the way and is monitored over time with 100% visibility on monthly spend for any adjustments and cost savings that contribute to your bottom line as you grow your business.

PRO: Enhanced Data and Analytics Infrastructure

With any business strategy, it’s always essential to have the tracking, metrics and data enabled to prove value and success over time. While national haulers may have data and analytics integrated into their overall service offerings, it’s usually in conjunction with third-party vendors that can rack up installation fees with limited data integration and reporting capabilities. Implementing a tracking system through an MWSP using a cloud-based platform can help reduce costs and increase environmental benefits over time through real-time monitoring of your current waste streams to identify total waste generated. Waste Harmonics is the only company in the waste industry with a proprietary monitoring technology that’s included in contracts. The secure cloud-based dashboard enabled through state-of-the-art monitoring technologies for your compactors and bins provides real-time fullness status, transparent activity data and live reporting on your equipment health to simplify your waste removal processes without any hidden out-of-pocket costs.

Taking an analytical approach to tracking and monitoring your business’ generated waste can ultimately help transition your waste management program toward more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Understanding and leveraging these metrics and technologies will not only help you to set goals and evaluate your program’s performance, but can also help reduce your overall environmental footprint by identifying types of waste that can be reused or recycled.

If these benefits sound like a good fit for you and your business, consider partnering with an MWSP to actualize these goals across your organization.