Waste Harmonics’ ERP system is based on today’s cloud computing environment. As an early adapter of this technology, we have been providing our customers and vendors with portals for visibility into their respective transactions since 2008. This Oracle based system has clearly allowed us to professionally manage our financials and continues to scale with our growth.

In addition to our iWaste monitoring technology, we have also developed a proprietary cloud-based Vendor Bidding system. This system allows us to rapidly post a United States- or Canadian-based RFP to thousands of vendors. This platform ensures that our customers have access to the most competitive results across North America. Current customers can log in to our Customer Portal here.

Reporting Analytics

Metrics capture and analysis is oversimplified and quite honestly overlooked. Waste Harmonics is the leader in the waste industry in utilizing analytics to reduce costs on a continuous basis. Our business platform captures the cost reduction, tracks it, then generates reports which we provide to our customers on a regular basis.

Most companies offer a nice upfront savings when beginning a program; Waste Harmonics offers continuous improvement on an on-going basis, and provides the reporting to support it.


iWaste is our proprietary technology that goes beyond what is now simple fullness monitoring. Our solution includes remote monitoring of an entire power unit. We monitor oil temperature, switching controls, safety features, container connections, system operating performance, and of course fullness. As the largest Siemens modem customer in the United States and an AT&T machine-to-machine dealer, we have created one of the largest networks of industrial machines in the country. And by the way, to get this type of technology you don’t have to purchase a special “black box”. All you have to do is rent one of our compactors, because it’s a completely integrated technical solution.