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Waste Harmonics

Consumers are demanding sustainable business practices because it’s critical to the environment we live in. From companies they do business with, to the things they purchase, to the products they use in their homes. They want to support companies that not only vocalize their sustainable business practices, but act on them, too.

ESG Globe

In the waste management industry, it’s no different. Companies must think about a more sustainability-focused solid waste program. At Waste Harmonics, sustainability is embedded in everything we do and allows us to help our customers and communities understand and reduce their environmental impact, carbon footprint and other greenhouse gas emissions.

We help our customers create realistic, balanced sustainability plans with short- and long-term wins that reduce impact over time.

We continually research, develop and innovate solutions and technologies that minimize the environmental impact of our own operations, and apply these advances to our customers’ waste management.


Waste Harmonics’ sole purpose is to help companies manage and provide sustainable solutions for proper disposal of materials avoiding wasteful resources including financial, staff resources and attention.

Our technologies empower companies with data and insights that benefit their people, communities, businesses and the environment by allowing them to:

  • operate more efficiently and cost effectively
  • maximize resources and talent
  • reduce downtimes
  • free up time and attention for higher-value activities
  • better manage, reduce and recycle waste
  • avoid wasted trips, time and labor
  • lower expenses
  • reduce emissions, carbon footprint, environmental impact
  • provide safer work environments and more secure sites
  • perform better and be more transparent
  • achieve certifications and comply with regulations

We partner with our customers and communities, providing education and outreach to help people and businesses understand how:

  • their actions impact the environment
  • waste contributes to climate change
  • waste can damage human and community health
  • they can change behaviors to improve short- and long-term outcomes