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Make Your Waste Program a Lovely One

Waste Harmonics

Love is in the air! Cue the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, long-stemmed red roses, an influx of restaurant reservations, gift buying and more that substantially increases waste. All the romance that comes with the most romantic holiday of the year can result in an uptick in your waste management program.

The National Retail Federation estimates Americans will spend about $25.8 billion on the holiday this year – just a tick down from $25.9 billion last year. Valentine’s Day spending peaked at $27.4 billion in 2020. All that spending can amount to a lot of trash. When it comes to Valentine’s Day there’s a lot to consider as you prepare your business for the burst of activity. The increase in shopping, shipping and food preparation can lead to additional waste needs but planning for those additional needs is something that often gets overlooked. Don’t let your waste program be an afterthought. Show your waste program some love and attention by assessing your waste and recycling needs.

Here are three tips to keep your business’s waste program running smoothly this Valentine’s Day.

Preparation is key!

Depending on your business, you may see an uptick in waste leading up to Valentine’s Day or on the day itself. Increased demand not only means more business for you, but more waste as well. If you’re a candy shop owner, you’re likely going to see an increase in orders and you’ll need to make sure you’re ready to handle the waste from increased production; if you’re a restaurant owner, it’s likely that your reservation list will be maxed out the day of, and you’ll want to ensure you’re ready to handle extra food waste.
Here are a few things to consider as you get your business ready to handle an uptick in your waste and recycling needs:

  • Do you have the appropriate equipment? If your answer is yes, is your equipment in proper working condition? Being aware of your equipment’s condition will help reduce or eliminate downtime if repair or replacement is necessary.
  • How will the extra product and supplies you’re using impact your current waste and recycling needs? Depending on the size of your program, you may need extra equipment or additional hauler pickups to help ensure your business’s waste isn’t overflowing from the busy holiday.
  • Do you have any special waste requirements or needs based on the increased production? For instance, do you need additional equipment to handle more food waste to ensure you don’t run into a health and safety issue with disposal?

Get staff involved.

Maintaining optimal production during a busy holiday can get tricky, but with the right planning measures in place you’ll be able to maintain an efficient operation. Once you identify your additional waste management needs, it’s time to fill your staff in on updated procedures to make sure everything runs smoothly. An increase in sales and guests doesn’t have to mean chaos with your waste program!

Consider a managed waste service provider.

Consider a managed waste service provider that offers monitoring technology, keeping an eye on your waste management program and current service levels in real time. Better yet, the reporting and analytics provided by the monitoring system take the hassle out of your waste management program by making it smarter and more efficient. Reports can be compiled based on this year’s Valentine’s Day waste output and can be used to build projections for next year so that you can prepare for the future. It’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. Your business is unique and unlike any other! Waste Harmonics can customize a solution to fit your needs across all your locations and continually monitor for adjustments and cost savings—especially around key holidays like Valentine’s Day. Working with a managed waste service provider can consolidate your services at all locations so you can have one single point of contact for your waste program. Consolidating your services means one vendor, one monthly invoice and one point of contact. The provider manages all key aspects of your waste program, taking the stress off your shoulders so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

Your waste program doesn’t have to be complicated—show it some love this Valentine’s Day!