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Taking Out the Trash: Streamlining Your Waste Removal with a One-Stop Shop

Waste Harmonics

Trash: While it’s something you may not want to think about or deal with too often, it’s a necessary output of our day-to-day lives—and we tend to generate a lot of it.

If you find your organization is generating high volumes of waste day to day or on a weekly basis, it may be in your best interest to ensure you have a strategic waste management plan in place.

Every organization has a different waste management program based on type of operation, size of location and employees, among other factors. Just as you would seek operational efficiencies to ensure your business runs smoothly, apply that same mindset to your company’s waste and recycling programs by seeking a tech-enabled managed waste service provider who can balance your priorities with efficiencies and cost savings—a “one-stop shop,” if you will.

Here’s how a tech-enabled managed waste service provider can tackle some of your most common waste and recycling challenges.

Proactive Partnership: Single Point of Contact

Remove the hassle of managing multiple vendors and sales representatives with a dedicated team and single point of contact. With a tech-enabled managed waste service provider like Waste Harmonics, you can expect a dedicated account manager who is well-versed on your business operations and will work directly with you to optimize your program specifications and strategy in a timely manner.

iWaste Technology

Companies have historically been required to set fixed schedules for waste removal with little insight into how much waste is being taken away with each pickup—or if those pickups are even happening.

Waste Harmonics created the patent-pending technology behind iWaste to improve that industry deficit when it comes to the customer experience. Using ultrasonic waves, iWaste monitors the fullness of your frontload dumpsters and compactors, transmitting real-time alerts about fullness status to streamline your waste removal schedule and ensure hauler accountability. At no additional cost, the iWaste hardware and technology become a part of your waste removal services, allowing for right-sizing opportunities on the over-expense associated with your waste and recycling program. Learn more about how iWaste works here.

Hauler Accountability

Waste Harmonics is not a national hauler, nor does it own a fleet of trucks or landfills. However, tech-enabled managed waste service providers like Waste Harmonics know how to leverage and engage a trusted, nation-wide vendor network of thousands of partners in hauling and recycling to service varying customer needs. We’ll keep your unique expectations and requirements at the forefront, becoming an extension of your team to manage the entire hauler relationship from start to finish.

Transparent Data

Just as you measure the performance of your team, with the right technology in place a tech-enabled managed waste service provider can monitor the real-time performance of your waste and recycling program. Waste Harmonics considers the data behind your waste and recycling program and is the only company in the waste industry with proprietary monitoring technology that’s included in contracts. Tracking and monitoring your business’ generated waste can help transition your waste management program toward more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable practices.

Recycling and Sustainability Expertise

Every business has unique waste and recycling needs, and that same mentality applies to individual organizations’ recycling and sustainability goals and practices. More and more customers are demanding sustainable business practices from the companies and suppliers they buy from or do business with. Waste Harmonics puts sustainability at the forefront, embedding environmentally friendly best practices in waste removal to help customers and communities understand and reduce their environmental impact, carbon footprint and other greenhouse gas emissions.

The bottom line? Consolidating your services with a comprehensive waste program management team puts more time and money back in your day-to-day operations. While you take care of your business, let us help take out the trash, all under a “one-stop shop” model for maximum benefit and value.